Music Player – Mp3 Player v6.0.0 build 6005 APK Free Download

Download Music Player – Mp3 Player v6.0.0 build 6005 is the latest version setup for android is available for free. It is a powerful music player that offers many unique features and tools.

Music Player – Mp3 Player v6.0.0 build 6005 APK Review:

Music player – Mp3 Player v6 is quite simple and powerful mp3 players enrich with powerful tools and features. It is the first and advanced music player for androids. However, when you use its song cutting tools to cut the favorite part of the song to set as ringtone. Another unique feature of the software includes the ability to adjust the sound output, on the other hand, it offers 10 different sound settings that help you to how to control the music player.
Through its powerful toolkit, you will able to adjust bass, supports 5 different bands, reverse the song, and 3D effects. It offers more than 30 themes that you can also adjust it according to their desire. Whenever you can use its tools to customize these themes according to their desire without any effort. furthermore, it also supports many audio formats including Mp3, MP4, WAV, M4P, FLAC, 3GP, and OGC, etc.
When you use the software, you will able to add or see the lyrics of your favorite sound that helps you to understand it. Search and filter tools for songs with the duration of each track. It offers a quick installation process and its lightweight consumes low battery. You can also able to set the timer to automatically stops playing music moreover you will capable to create and manage playlist for many occasions professionally. It also supports through this software, you can create many playlists that you can play according to your mood and enjoy it. It also offers many latest features and options.

Features of Music Player – Mp3 Player v6.0.0 build 6005 APK:

  • Simple and powerful mp3 player that is enriched with powerful tools and features
  • Advanced music player for androids
  • However, able to cut the song or set it as the ring tone
  • The ability to set the sound output
  • Offers 10 different sound settings that help to smoothly control the software
  • Allows to bass, reverse the songs and 3D effects
  • Supports 5 different brands
  • Offers 30+ themes that you can use according to your desire
  • Further, able to customize the themes
  • Supports various audio formats like Mp3, Mp4, WAV, M4P, and much more
  • Allows to add and see lyrics of your favorite sound
  • Search and filters tools for songs with track duration
  • Enables to set the time to automatically stops playing songs
  • Able to create and manage many playlists

Music Player – MP3 Player v6.0.0 Build 6005 APK Technical Details:

  • Version: 6.0.0
  • File Name: Music_Player_6.0.0.apk
  • File Size: 8 MB
  • Developer: App10X

Music Player – MP3 Player v6.0.0 Build 6005 APK Free Download:

Click on the download button to get the complete version of the Music Player APK setup for Android. You can also download Musicolet Music Player v4.4.1 APK.

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